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Corn Full Moon Brings in Fresh Starts

September’s Full Corn Moon is at our door, and what magic it brings!

Words by Gabrielle Bonneville



Artwork by Momentom in-house Designer @aephiclesjourney 


Keep your eyes peeled just after sunset on Tuesday, September 1, as the magnificent moon rises high and reaches its peak illumination at 1:23 A.M. EST Time on Wednesday, September 2. Get yourself a view of a clear eastern horizon at dusk today to see the delicate orangey hues of a rising Full Moon. 

Why Do We Take a Moment to Discuss the Moon?

Just as life comes with a series of significant phases, so does the moon, waxing, and waning. The human experience is a mirror of the universal compilations of highs and lows. 

Once you’ve seen that majestic moon, ponder the fact that today an asteroid measuring 22 meters by 49 meters will sweep safely by Earth. When we sit to reflect how minuscule we are in the celestial soup of our galaxies, we find perspective in our small human problems. We become humble again. 

But let’s take a peek at the moon regardless, as understanding the energy can help guide our month’s intention and what energies we want to bring forward in our beings.

What Can We Learn from this Moon?

This Neptune-ruled lunation has everything to do with trusting the universe and surrendering to a higher power. 

This moon is a transitional lunation that takes us from the summer to the winter months, The corn moon is the final full moon of summer. This Moon is the closest to the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd – and in 2020 that happens on October 1st. Then we get a BLUE MOON on Halloween. Celestial movements are rampant this month with TWO full moons in one month.  

Loving Valerie’s Mesa’s article, she says “taking the essence of elusive Neptune — the planet of dreams, faith, mysticism, and the universal realm — into consideration, along with Pisces’ paradoxical zodiac archetype, is a priority when harnessing the power of this lunation”.

What Sign is the September Full Moon in?

This moon is in Pisces. And Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. All 12 archetypes have a divine Thanks to its highly receptive celestial ruler, Pisces is associated with creativity, spirituality, sensitivity, and perception. Pisces walks in between dimensions. Neptune dissolves all boundaries, which means you can use this magical energy to cultivate a relationship with spirit. Pisces’ zodiac archetype — a symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions — is a symbol of its infinite duality. Pisces born under this Neptune-ruled sign are known to be incredibly adaptable- and this is what this moon is asking for us to embody. This is typical for any Full Lunation, the subconscious parts of our beings coming to the surface.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs that hold the kind of energy that helps us respond to life’s only variable: change. With Vipassana’s annicha resonating loud and clear, how can we become more masterful at letting things be for what they are and not what we want them to be? Change is inevitable, let death die, let life live.

What can we do? We lean on your spiritual side, nurture ourselves through creative activities we love, hop on aerial silks, go to kirtan, make yourself cacao, and observe. Through observation, be ready to fact-check your feelings when possible.

Read more in our post about the previous full moon in August.


Words by Gabrielle Bonneville

“Impossible is just an option.”
– Paulo Coelho.

Human beings are awesome. Let’s not forget this.

We’ve all experienced the resonance of being around inspiring people. They hold us in the strong and timeless force of inspiration, the force that connects us to the creative energy of the universe. We’ve also all faced creative blocks and felt stuck in a lack of inspiration. We’ve discovered the secret that inspiration is a muscle – and the more you seek out inspiration, the more you embody it, and the more the creative force becomes YOU. 

If we know inspiration comes from within, how do we then exercise this muscle to cultivate more inspired & creative energy? How do we stay in states of inspiration even in times of great change and chaos?  

All beings hold an incredible ability to stay in a state of inspiration, maintaining the passion and power to keep moving projects and visions forward, even during hard times. These are normal people, doing incredible things instead of being weighed down – they transmute chaotic energy into the focused intention. They understand that in times of challenge – more than ever – the world needs their projects, and the time is ripe for community awakening

We want to highlight creatives who’ve dropped into the momentum of the massive energetic shift happening to create the world that they want to live in. People who cultivate inspiration within and radiate it outwards, as a driving force for their powerful projects that truly change the world.

We hope that in sharing the creative process of these inspiring projects – projects that have been brought to life post-residency and during times of C19 – that you find inspiration in them, and in turn, yourself.

Bruna Bortolato Spiritual Coach & Women’s Empowerment Mentor

Bruna Bortolato | Spiritual Coach & Women’s Empowerment Mentor

IG @bruna.bortolato

Tell us about your passion. | My life project is going deep into the awakening of Womanhood. I hold sacred space for women around the world, helping them break free from old patterns & discover true freedom. In addition, I am involved in a non-profit project in Guatemala supporting indigenous women. Some services I offer include private coaching practices, online courses, and retreats. 

Why? | I have a vision of all our sisters rising into the fullness of who they are. I believe healing must be done collectively. With more and more women stepping up, I anticipate the world will witness the greatest transformation. I want to help as many women as I can to break free and awaken because I believe that life is a miracle and we were born to live in love.

Why now? | This is my greatest passion. It is my life’s purpose. We come together on this earth to embrace one another. Our planet is calling for more love, compassion, understanding, community, kindness, sensuality, vulnerability, and collaboration. My deepest mission and wish is to help people value and accept who they are as vibrating beings of pure love.

How do you stay inspired? | I stay inspired by maintaining a solid daily practice of meditation, movement, and dance. I practically breathe music. I draw inspiration by spending time in nature and surrounding myself with people who I love and trust. Other sources of inspiration flow from being a lover of deep conversation and connecting with people is so energizing!

How do you generate your ideas? | I generate ideas by continuously being in the present moment. I observe things around me– seeing creativity as a spontaneous flow. Many ideas come from conversations. I read books that fascinate me–much of which involve empowerment, vulnerability, and self-care. Nourishing my body and my heart is so important for me to stay motivated. A go-to music playlist and creating a grounding atmosphere during my meditation has inspired ideas that have changed my life.

What are your upcoming offerings? | My Online program (Lunar Cycle & Purpose Course – Finding your True Self) will start at the beginning of 2021. Private coaching sessions are held online, where I see my clients weekly. My next Women’s retreat ‘Awakened Woman’  will be happening in November in Joshua Tree. Applications will be opening up soon!


Julien Desforges Slackliner & Hair Hanging Artist

Julien Desforges | Slackliner & Hair Hanging Artist

IG @juliendesforges.slackline

Tell us about your art. | My true passion in life is movement and healing arts. My main practices are slacklining, highlining, and hair hanging, but I also enjoy breathwork, yoga, meditation, and any accessible and free practice I come across which can help heal myself and others. Slacklining and Hair Hanging helps me transcend my fears and observe my mind closely. My mission is to inspire and guide people to break through their fears in order to fully express their creative self\ves, with less judgment and more authenticity.

How do you stay inspired? | I love to spend time in nature and feel connected with other beings, but ultimately, I feel most inspired when I am serving the world and shining light around me.

Why now? | Now is the only time!

How do you generate your ideas? | First, I center myself through my practices, relationships, and connection with the elements. Then, I focus all my attention on my most ultimate purposes (being happy and serving the world). In this fertile soil, I plant clear intentions and surrender to the unknown. Holding this space, I allow the higher creative forces to rise and flow. I observe whatever comes up and simply pick and choose the ideas that most resonate at the moment.

What are your upcoming offerings?  | 2-Week Highline Retreat with Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork in Canada (Sept. 25th-Oct. 8th) See Video 

Also offering slacklines for sale through my business Slackline Mtl 

Currently working on creating the Best Online Slackline Course of All Times

Where to find me :

Find all links on my Website

Watch my latest Hair Hanging & Highline Video 

All My Videos



Misty Moss Self Love + Empowerment Specialist & Photographer

Misty Moss | Self Love + Empowerment Specialist & Photographer

IG @misty.moss

What are you passionate about? | Sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the years of being a full-time empowerment boudoir photographer.  Empowering people to capture their own empowering self-portraits that are focused on self-love, sensuality, and self-celebration.

Why now? | If not now, when? Being an educator is something I shied away from for years – I felt imposter syndrome around it, but I realized that I was only doing myself and others a disservice from not stepping into this role. By sharing my experience and how photography heals me, I can help others heal themselves. The world could use more self-love, sensuality, and healing, especially now during these heavy times.

How do you stay inspired? | Inspiration comes and goes, but I can usually find my way back to its embrace through self-love rituals, dance, meditation, journaling, and being open and vulnerable with my audience.

How do you generate your ideas? | I do a lot of journaling, and brain dumping. My ideas usually come to me while I do my morning pages, or while I’m lost in thought walking outside in nature, or in the shower. I read a lot as well, trying to stay inspired, and absorb as much art and creativity from amazing creators around me. I try to think about what I have that is unique, and how I can offer that in a way that helps heal those around me.

Where can we learn from you? | Tutorials on self-love and general boudoir photography can be found for free on my Youtube. More in-depth tutorials on self-portraiture and that healing journey are available on my Patreon.

Where to find me: INSTAGRAM: @misty.moss | YOUTUBE: | PATREON:


Diego Chiko-MandalAmor Awakening Transformational Lifestyle Program

Diego Chiko-MandalAmor | Awakening Transformational Lifestyle Program

IG @chiko_mandalamor

Tell us about the program you’ve been working on. | The Awakening Transformational Lifestyle Program is a high-quality personalized program designed to transform habits, patterns and loops within our lifestyle that are perhaps no longer nourishing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth to give space for new ones that will completely enhance and boost our human potential.

Why? | Because this is what I am MOST PASSIONATE about! To provide the tools that will help US, TOGETHER to GROW, and especially to achieve and develop a healthy, strong, and beautiful lifestyle based on the dearest things we love to do.

Why now? | If not NOW, then when…?

How do you stay inspired? | I do not always stay inspired. Challenges, doubts, insecurities, and periods where I do also feel that I’m losing the rhythm of my own flow of creation and personal development are real situations that come to surface from now and then. However, whenever that happens, I choose to fully embrace these waves of uncertainty as an opportunity to always find sources of growth, healing, and of course, inspiration. Challenge and shadow work are great tools for growth.

How do you generate your ideas? | By constantly surrounding myself with people, places, books, music, situations that keeps nourishing my heart, body, mind, and spirit.

When does it launch? | Applications will open around mid-September and will run for different periods of time depending on the personal goals of each individual. The minimum time of commitment is 21 days. 😉

Hear more of Diego


Hart Floe Poet

Hart Floe Poet 

IG @hart_floe_poet

What do you create? | A unique combination of hypnotherapy and ecstatic dance event – titled Hypnodanza – with some live poetry, breathwork, sound healing, and meditation peppered in for good measure. Guiding participants the whole way from an initial hypnosis journey all the way through to a finishing meditation – this new blend of ecstatic dance was born from a desire to bring something a little deeper and more powerful to the dance experience. 

Why now? | More than ever I think as space holders and experienced facilitators in any sense – it’s our duty to begin to maximize the value we can offer to any given experience. For me – introducing hypnotherapy into an ecstatic dance experience added many new layers of depth and potential to an already incredible experience. More than ever it feels like the time to begin to make friends with our subconscious mind, and begin to harness the true potential of this powerful part of ourselves we’ve largely been ignoring – for the creation of a brighter tomorrow. 

How do you stay inspired? | Really it’s listening to lots of new music and getting visions for how particular vibrations might affect a crowd in a particular setting. The beginning hypnosis journeys are bespoke scripts written to induce differing experiences – from elevated feelings of love to increased feelings of wellbeing and abundance. 

The scripts themselves are just rough ideas that come to me. Once I have the idea – it’s then an easy process of converting the concept into words that can be used to take people on a completely unique mind journey. Continuing to learn about hypnosis and human psychology continues to bring me more insight into how I can produce powerful experiences for participants that have profound effects on the rest of the dance journey and, ideally, the rest of their lives.

How do you generate your ideas? | I don’t really ‘generate’ as such… it’s more just listening and allowing.  When inspiration is there, I follow it and it leads me to the right places without effort or force. If I don’t feel that wave of inspiration… I’ll do something else until the wave strikes again! I think trying to force creativity is the source of much of the artist’s suffering! I take the easy route and just allow it to flow when it does… which – when you get out of your own way – is pretty much all the time!


Los Trips Del Tripador

Adrian Callejas | Podcast Author of  Los Trips Del Tripador (Espanol)

IG @eltripador

What’s your project? | A psychonaut podcast; I see life as a video game and that perspective helps me to not take this reality so seriously, & to manifest different versions of myself and keep expanding my perception. 

What makes your project special? | The podcast has a unique format that allows the listener to process the information through a musical journey.  The most unique thing about it is me, my perception of life, my trust in magic, and how I share this with all the different versions of myself out there in this video game.

Why do you think your project is important? | Simple. Because it is time to shift to a new world. 

When I changed my perception of reality and started focusing my energy on my life as a video game, my life shifted to a new level of awareness and the same is happening with the world now. So many people are awakening to a new world of possibilities and the information I share it’s key to helping the process of that shift we are living in now!

Why now? | Everything we are living in right now brings us here and it is my time to do what I came here to do.

How do you stay inspired? | Nature, movement, and laughing keep me inspired.

How do you generate your ideas? | Psychedelics, life experiences, and deep talks with friends.

How can we find your podcast? | On Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Every Monday and Wednesday.

Listen to Adrian’s podcast here:


You may have the opportunity to meet one of these amazing humans at a Momentom Residency.

10 Reasons You Should Attend Momentom Residency


10 reasons to attend momentom residency

10 Reasons You Should Attend Momentom Residency


1. We’re the only co-working space that meets artist residency.

Momentom Collective nails the concept of bridging co-working for content creators and creative entrepreneurs, with studio spaces for artists of all kinds. While in momentom residency, you’ll have the framework to work and develop your projects. Taking a break, however, won’t be a quick snack while scrolling through your feed, you can hop an aerial rig or start a breakout dance party. This is what we do: embrace the flow from work mode to play as a lifestyle.


2. You’ll be immersed in highly creative spaces.

Our mission is to empower humans from all walks of life to connect with their creative energy, train their mind and body, be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to talk about big ideas. With all the art forms at your fingertips, explore your creativity. Build your portfolio. Find inspiration from your peers. Act on inspiration and try something new. Step into dream states and redefine what’s possible.


3. You’ll Connect With other World Class Artists.

Imagine meeting smiling faces early morning for meditation, or connecting deeply as you dance together under the stars. In residency, you will forge deep friendships with your peers and guest teachers. This community will help nurture and support your crazy visions. You may walk away with a new business partner or a new best friend, or more. Momentum is a global tribe, and we’ll witness you, all over the world.


4. You’ll Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Momentom Collective shares the wisdom & instills you with the habits you wish you had learned in school. With daily courses available for all residents, open training, rich collaborations, and epic workshops, you can immerse yourself in the best ideas and environment for personal growth. It’s our promise: you will grow beyond what you thought possible and do something you’ve never done before.


5. You’ll Enter The Global Momentom Collective Tribe.

When you attend a residency, you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining our global community of brilliant creatives who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to making a huge impact and create real change.


6. You’ll Live It Up In Nature.

We make it a point to have you walk into our residencies and ask “am I dreaming?”.
Personal development calls for inspiring locations & we keep our residents inspired by taking the training out of the studios and into fresh air, the computer work out of the air-conditioning and onto the oceanfront. Our facilities are in gorgeous picturesque locations; next to bodies of water, in the jungles or at the base of volcanoes. Momentum has selected locations that will blow your mind every time you reflect on your surroundings.


7. You’ll Engage in Transformative Fun.

With DJs, musicians, clowns, shamans, and dancers part of our tribe, we take our play seriously. We promote circus culture, and we embody radical expression, in all forms, in all ways, always. Dress up, dance, and sing. You can join in on Johnny’s legendary Tutu Tuesdays or pop into an ecstatic dance, and celebrate like every day is a festival.


8. You’ll learn new art forms and improve your current ones.

Join a community of some of the most talented artists on the globe for a month, combined with non-stop workshops and skill-sharing, and you’re bound to learn something new. Train as you learn and solidify your new skills. Your network of peers will guide you through the new, and you’ll find yourself supporting, sharing knowledge, and teaching too.


9. You’ll create the habits for the rest of your life.

After a month of meditating every day, of practicing nonviolent communication, of eating delicious vegan food, you might not notice it, but the healthy habits you’ve been practicing will be ingrained in you for you to take with you on your journey. As new tools in your toolbox, you can turn these personal practices when you need to drop in with yourself.


10. You will build a deeper connection with your art practice.

When else do you have the opportunity to practice silks, work on acro yoga with a partner, record music, do a business skill deep dive, or spin fire every day? In Momentom residencies, creatives are given the opportunity to find deeper meaning in why they do their art, to ask why they create, and how to explore how to take their expression to the next level.

momentom residency

Learn more about our different Momentom residency across the world here.


New moon in Leo

Artwork by  @cosmiccollage

Words by Gabrielle Bonneville

The New Moon in the vibrant and creative Leo sign is tonight at our door. Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac and is a massive pitta element. For those who wish to understand what’s coming up for the next month, this New Moon period is an excellent time to meditate upon some of the characteristics of Leo.

Firstly, Leo belongs to the element of fire, making people of this kind, or under this moon’s influence – warm-hearted and seeking to develop the areas of love in their lives. Keywords for this moon — are pride, noble, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, and open. These are traits that we might enhance, develop, and incorporate into our personalities.

As a result, people born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant, and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. How do you embody this in the following month?

Along with these characteristics, its time for the arts. Therefore, this moon is a good time to concentrate on new ways to enhance our romantic life, put energy into our creative arts and hobbies, and relationships. In addition, we should build our self-confidence and healthy pride in ourselves.

With this potent Leo energy, we have the chance to make significant changes in our lives that will benefit us beyond this Moon cycle. It’s time to make some plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings.

What does your new beginning look like and how do you bring in more creativity to step into them?

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Flow and Resilience
Words by Gabrielle Bonneville

Another month, another Full moon. Known as the Sturgeon Moon, August’s Full Moon takes place in the Aquarius star sign and is all about embodying resilience through the water-like flow. Think about the energy of water (Aquarius) for dexterity and survival (Sturgeon Fish).
The rising of the Sturgeon Full Moon is best seen in the southeastern sky on Monday, August 3, 2020, and it will be stunning with its low hanging orange hues. Make sure to grab a cozy blanket, make some hot cacao, and take some time to get into a contemplative state to set the tone for the rest of the month.
Let’s break down the energies, both astrologically and in terms of an animal totem.

Moon in Aquarius

The 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, a symbol of the Gods bringing nourishment to the Earth, symbolically providing life and spiritual food to the world. Energetically, the water from the vessel of Aquarius can be seen as washing away the past, providing room for fresh new beginnings.
It’s also about being progressive in achieving our goals, using arts.
The Aquarius sign is known to be independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic. The elemental sign is air, the same as that for Gemini and Libra.
Aquarians are known to showcase their imaginative abilities and unique skills, typically in a conscious effort to make the world a better place. With everything happening in our world today, matching our actions to the betterment of the world, is an ideal intention to be setting.
Even in all of its altruistic intentions, the sign of Aquarius is very forward-looking and growth-oriented. The question we want to ask ourselves is: how can I accomplish my goals in the next lunar cycle with the air quality of imagination while choosing my actions to reach my goals that mimic the flow of water.
We all have challenges, resistances, and adversity in our lives. But the way we react to them is our power. When we say to bring more water into your challenges, it can be as simple as the story that you tell yourself that make you identify with it. What is the best possible story for you to tell about the experience and glide gently into that?

Totem Animal of the Sturgeon Fish

The Sturgeon Moon earned its name because of the significant number of these massive freshwater fish that were once found in North America lakes and rivers. We are deeply imprinted with generations and generations embodying the collective energy of the moon of the spirit of the sturgeon.
We learn so much about our Natural Selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and create balance with our everyday energy. So, what is the energy of the sturgeon moon?
The sturgeon is among the most ancient fish, dating back to pre-dinosaurs roaming the planet; hence, their prehistoric bodies embody strength and a keen ability to survive. Although a deep swimmer, the sturgeon will occasionally breach the water, jumping into the air before going back to its low depths.
The sturgeon fish is swimming into our lives to prove we are stronger than we realize.
The sturgeon is a tough fish that can live up to 140 years, offering hope we will make it through the remaining months of the year, even in lights of second waves of COVID 19.
The Sturgeon Moon should encourage those experiencing tough times in their lives to find the energy of resilience, courage, and survival to move across times.
You feel full moon energy two to three days before its inception and two to three days after it ends — so use these steps to take advantage of this moon, and clear your mind, quiet your emotions, and focus on long term goals.

What can you do to kick off the Full Moon?

  1. Start your Moon cycle with a 24-72 hrs fast. Defined as the abstinence from all or some foods or drinks for a set period of time, fasting allows you to see your cravings and reset your behavior to match your higher self.
  2. Come up with a word to embody for the rest of the month. Repeat this word when you first wake up, embodying the energy, and the last thing before you fall asleep, remembering all the moments throughout your day that you embodied your intention.
  3. Write a list of all of the activities, people, things in your life that bring resistance. Think of ways that you can navigate them with more grace. Make a commitment to do so next time a challenging situation comes up.

Read about the next astrological blog post here.

Alternative Social Media



Words by Therese Lowton
Anyone else notice their content on mainstream social media channels is getting more and more censored? Once our main outlet for reaching our closest friends and family, all while exposing our projects to new audiences, we are now barely even being seen by our own mothers!

If our content is too avant-garde, liberal, left-wing, off-grid, or in any way alternative, we are experiencing blocks. Gone are the days of free speech to our online audiences on social media platforms. At this point, we are simply done with being muted. Especially at a time when the world is undergoing foundational restructuring and we are being forced to save social situations to being online due to global pandemic lockdowns. Now everything we say and do can be tapped into, collected for data, and controlled.

Did you also notice that even by having conversations about certain topics we have started to receive targeted advertisements? Yes, some of these companies are using our applications as recording devices for our private conversations. Our message data is being used for commercial gain, with the potential for political intervention. I’m not sure about you, but this is starting to feel more and more like Big Brother come true.

Furthermore, have you noticed how all of our amazing content is given away to major channels for free? Besides Youtube, there aren’t a great deal of social channels financially supporting the brilliant ideas and art being produced. It is becoming increasingly geared towards only those who PAY a premium to be seen to global networks. Our lives have become data for the social media machines to profile us, target ads towards us, and profit from the free content we supply them. Yep, that’s a reality we currently subscribe to.

So, what can we do? Start to focus our attention on alternative social media channels.


In light of the current social media landscape, what alternatives do we have? I’ve been doing a little research to uncover some of the emerging trends on the field. Here are some of my favorites:



Just like Whatsapp, Telegram is a cell phone application that is linked to your cell phone number. It allows for private conversations to remain private. That’s right, you no longer have to observe all of your linked social media accounts targeting ads about the contents of your last conversation with your grandmother.

Telegram also allows for groups to share unconventional news that will not be censored, which is searchable by @names rather than having to be manually added by a moderator. If you have a nonmainstream opinion about Coronavirus, Trump, or GMO you now have a safe space to share articles and ideas with your network. From online videos, articles, documents, personal projects, etc Telegram will present ALL posts in chronological order with a search tool with zero algorithmic intervention or censorship.

Momentom Collective has started a group on Telegram for our community to connect and share. You can find us by downloading the app on your phone, creating a new account, and searching for our group @momentomcollective

We also recommend following @newearthproj for alternative news, and @SEEDS_Community to stay on top of the SEEDS alternative currency project. 



Started by long-standing Momentom community member, Jeff Kirdeikis, was initially as a tokenized platform for sharing information about Cryptocurrency where the community has the chance to vote and tip with cryptocurrency the content that they found useful. Not only was the content community voted, like Reddit, but it also rewards content creators giving the option for readers to tip those who provided them with useful information!

Uptrennd quickly grew in popularity and with its success, Jeff has opened to content outside of Cryptocurrency investment. Now is a great time to onboard Uptrennd and grow with a progressive company founded by someone within the Momentom community. 



This is the grandmother of the platforms that we have our eye on. Still, in the Alpha phase, HVN is set to launch next year. The concept is to reward both content creators AND viewers on a tokenized platform that aims to shift the consciousness of the WORLD by rewarding individuals for spending their leisure time leveling themselves. Their key drives are:

A blockchain ecosystem designed to:
– accelerate the consciousness of humanity.
– revolutionize personal development.
– reward users for expanding their consciousness.
– create a global conscious community.
– converge technology for the greater good.
– awaken human potential.
– empower authors and creators.

HVN will be a hybrid of tokenized economy and fiat. It will contain both free content, as well as subscription-based content. Momentom Collective has partnered with HVN and will be offering Podcasts & video content for free, as well as offering full digital course content series by Momentom members by subscription. This platform is just launching and will become the home-based for Momentom Digital content.



A new kid on the block, GFam is still in the development and testing phase but is fully functional for taking on new members right now. I have been posting content for GFam for the past two months and have found it to be a very promising tokenized option for individuals, with the closest “alike” mainstream app being Instagram. Built on a platform that supports XRP Cryptocurrency, GFam allows “tipping” and encourages selfies. Yes, that’s right – be paid for posting selfies! 

The concept was born from two truths found in other image-based content platforms:

1. Images are typically staged & rewards are given through computerized algorithms that prioritize professional photography. Selfies are mostly taken at the moment and are much more personal and real.

2. Content is given away for free and completely geared towards highlighting those with influence. It doesn’t give much of a chance for those without following to have a voice even if they have a very important message!


So how it works is, you upload a fresh selfie along with a title and a story. This gives you a chance to give meaningful insights outside of mainstream views or generic quotes. It encourages you to think about what you are posting about and why exactly you are sending off that personal content to the world. 

The best part is, when your online GFam community see & read your post and they love the content, they have the chance to tip you! For example, when I uploaded a selfie of me planting trees in a permaculture farm and explained my story of how I ended up there and why, the community LOVED it and showed their support with tips. 

GFAM is not yet an app, but you can use the web browser version both on your computer or mobile:



Nectar most recently hit our radar. This is a platform built by a community in Boulder, Colorado-based on conscious content. This from my list would be the closest contender to replace the social interaction and function of mainstream app Facebook. The upgrade is that it is designed specifically for the conscious community. When signing up for Nectar, you are asked to sign a pledge:

“We invite you to take your place in a new social ecosystem with purpose. We are here to create a peaceful, thriving world we all know is possible!

Let’s start by agreeing to do our best to:

Act with kindness, respect, and integrity.

Witness and support each other.

Create a community where all people feel welcome, safe, and appreciated.

Be proactive in taking steps and making good decisions to take care of our fellow humans and mother earth.”


Nectar guiding principles are probably the closest aligned to Momentom core values in totality than any other network that we have come across. Community agreements include:

  1. Showing up in our highest integrity.
  2. This is an experiment.
  3. Everyone has a beautiful unique Nectar.
  4. Being open to new connections.
  5. Learning together.
  6. Evolving together.
  7. Authentic communication.
  8. Taking individual responsibility for our experience.
  9. Maintaining Nectar as a safe, trusted space for authentic expression.
  10. Community responsibility.
  11. Creating a positive impact.
  12. Be open and show up for conflict resolution.
  13. Practicing consent.
  14. Maintaining freedom of sexual expression.
  15. Connecting safely.

The app is downloadable and is full of amazing features like meditation trackers and directories for personal growth, however, there are still many bugs to iron out in the app and adoption is still very low.



It will take mass adoption for any application to take over the usership of the two major social media players Facebook and Instagram. There are many exciting options emerging and many that align with New Earth principles. The ones here are just recommendations from my own research and we will likely experience big changes in this domain as the world goes through its major structural shift. I believe that the best thing we can do is start to look at alternative platforms where we have freedom of speech, our data isn’t collected and sold, and where visibility is controlled by users rather than algorithms.

We are experiencing many of the more progressive groups we are partnering with switching communication to Telegram, so we are starting to pick up on this network for community sharing. We are fully backing the High Vibe Network by preparing to launch our entire digital content on their platform.

On top of a Momentom community thread on Telegram, digital content on High Vibe Network, Momentom is fully backing the Seeds movement on Hypha.

If you want further information on any of these platforms, or how to get involved with Seeds, you can let us know in the survey below.


What about a platform for MOMENTOM SOCIAL?

This is something we have entertained the idea of but have yet to put wheels in action to make a Momentom community application specifically for the Momentom community. I’m curious to hear first hand if this is something you would be interested using?

Please let us know your thoughts on this survey.

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