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It was our first Digital Nomad Residency – a Momentom experience more focused on business, brand building, vibrational frequency and other big ideas in our creative community container. This list is not about the regular experience, however, it’s about those golden moments between the lines – the unexpected magic. The experiences that are often more impactful (and accompanied with a belly laugh) than what’s written on the schedule. What an amazing season, and looking forward to the next!

1. Dr Diego vs Misty Moss.

What do you get when you cross a Boudoir Photographer / Professional Stripper with a Cirque du Soleil Artist / Mexican Shaman who prides himself in being the best lap dancer in Central America?  One helluva lapdance showdown! Not only did Misty Moss host one of the most powerful workshops on sensual vulnerability of the season, but it was followed by the most fierce and hilarious lap dance show down with Diego Chiko-MandalAmor! Part Deux next season??

2. Sunset ecstatic dances w Mose & Tamara Montenegro.

Imagine the setting: A private beach. Sunset glistening your skin. Sandy Feet. A building soundscape from your favourite music producers resonating throughout your body. Two of our guest teachers, Mose and Tamara Montenegro – some of the world’s biggest inspirations in the music production and sound alchemy world – providing a powerful energetic container for movement and expression. Free flowing in this state is nothing short of magic. Even with teaching workshops from sound production to ‘lessons in the music business’ and creative mastery to hermetic alchemy, these guys rock the boat on nailing energetic vibrations in any setting!

3. The impromptu pillow fight with Tony Tobias.

Have you ever walked across a jungle suspension bridge to head to community dinner, and suddenly ambushed by a Guatemalan ninja videographer and parkour expert? Have you ever been randomly thrown a pillow for an impromptu pillow fight duel without expecting it? No, neither had we. Hence, the extreme terror that was felt before almost peeing on the ground in laughter. Thank you Tony Tobias for your sporadic flash mob of childhood fun! It was definitely a gratitude circle of giggles that preempted dinner that night.

4. Experiencing some of the world’s best bioluminescence.

Living in a private beach bay has its obvious perks, especially during new moon. Not many people get to experience the mind-blowing magic of swimming with the ocean’s little microorganisms that light up the night – especially as powerfully they had come out in early April with so little light pollution. Like swimming in a sea of underwater aurora borealis and painting white and green brushstrokes with your hand across a watery canvass…all of the locals and world travelers in residence agreed, it was the brightest bioluminescence anyone has yet to experience.

5. Sacred Clown X Yogic Chakras X Paclow.

Montreal’s Paclow was originally brought in to help the Momentom team at our Circus Theme Camp at Envision Festival master the craft of Artist Roving. It became clear we needed his quirky and magical sprinkles of pixie clown dust at our Digital Nomad Residency to further separate our co work space from the norm. Along with his unique take on marketing and branding, his weekly sacred clown workshops were powerful for people to tap into their true, authentic self. Particularly his workshop merging the sacred clown while coaching people through the emotional elements of the chakra system…it was nothing short of brilliant.

6. Sunset Turtle Release.

Living so close to nature – as we had been in Aqua’s jungle treehouses overlooking the beach – creates a special connection and appreciation to the natural world. To witness a giant olive ridley turtle lay a nest of eggs on our beach, out of season, and facilitate the sunset release as her little miracles set off to take on the ocean was a powerful moment for everyone in residence.

7. Kawahe’s nightly dinner descriptions.

Momentom has become known for our daily gratitude circle to bless our food and day by sharing a word of thanks together. However, a new tradition might have been created when our food and fire alchemist from El Salvador, Kawahe, begun to artistically describe the nightly buffet spread like a master storyteller. From his Mayan Calender of vegetables, Gluten Galaxy of Pasta, guacamole volcano or the ongoing romantic affair of rice and beans (are they together or separate?)

8. The Full Moon primal beach impromptu sensual shakedown. 

Here’s the scene: post sunset cacao ceremony on the beach and now well into the moonlit night. Tamara Montenegro’s 3 hour set is peaking from its slow and tribal build up. Next to the giant bonfire in the wet sand, everyone suddenly gets on all fours and begins to be as sensual and sandy as they can get. Primal jungle energy permeates these flowing carnal bodies. Like lustful leopards pawing at each other and ready to pounce. Once the bass drops, everyone is back on their feet in full swing and full laugh. You just can’t plan for that.

9. Social Circus at local Nicaraguan school project CREA.

As a continuation of Momentom’s Social Circus initiative across Central America, this was a highlight for both residents and staff alike. It was Momentom’s first time at CREA in rural Popoyo – an amazing project that provides textbooks and classes from elementary to high school students. From clowning to singing and acro yoga to face painting, there is no better way to connect with the local community then through sharing laughs and new ways to appreciate art, music and movement. ​

10. Johnny’s freestyle announcement rap with Neisha interpretive dance.

Waterfaaaaaaaalls! Ok, anyone who’s attended a Momentom Residency is well attuned to our morning announcement routine to cover the day’s workshops, community updates and other shout outs. But when the announcement call happened right when Neisha picked ‘Interpretive Dance’ from Chris Taylor’s Cards of Connection at the breakfast table, Momentom co founder John Early was quick to jump in with a freestyle announcement rap with Neisha coinciding with interpretive dance. If only all daily news was delivered in freestyle rap and movement!


11. The local racoon Oreo addiction.

Living in the jungle always has its interesting interactions with the local animals. From the forest frequency of the cicadas’ vibration, the beautiful call of the uracca birds, to the morning howler monkey growls – the jungle here is very much alive. But the ongoing story of Oreo theft in the rooms by the local raccoons made for quite the laugh over breakfast when John or Diego would walk in to shout ‘They got another pack of my Oreo’s those masked bandits!’

12. Accidental chocolate experience.

What happens when your Guest Teacher accidentally eats someone else’s personal stash of mushroom chocolates before morning yoga? Well, results may vary… and like said Guest Teacher, it just might change your life for the better with powerful downloads and intensified connection from Mother Nature herself. Looking back it feels like fate called someone to that freezer!


Everything is made up of energy. It vibrates at different frequencies, each with its own quality. Ideally, we want to elevate our vibrations so we are at flow with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. When we are more in tune with our intuition, we boost our manifestation power. The Laws of Attraction state that similar energies attract one another. You can incorporate certain practices into your daily routine to increase your vibrations… ​

1. Become conscious of your thoughtsThe more you start to become aware of the contents of your consciousness, the more you can realize which thoughts are benefiting you and which are obstacles. If you allow limiting beliefs to direct your thoughts, then you are blocking your own potential.

2. Be conscious of the food you eat

Simplify. Eat food as it comes naturally, in a rainbow of colours, in portions that make you feel good. Instead of seeing eating as a complicated series of rules, observe how food makes you feel and be conscious what you put in your body.

3. Drink water

Our bodies are mostly water. To maintain a healthy balance and function at our highest vibration, hydration and regular flushing of toxins is essentials.

4. Meditate

Meditation increases your awareness and your ability to observe higher states and your own intuition. With improved clarity, you can use visualization to attract what you want.

5. Be grateful

Acknowledge what you are grateful for each and every day. The more you take notice of the abundance in your life, the more it becomes present. Energy attracts energy.6. Practice acts of kindness

Give to others without reason. Sharing abundance elevates your vibration and attracts more .7. Movement

Vibration is movement: the more you move the greater your energy flows. Choose movement that makes you happy and free in your body.

8. Breath

Being mindful of your breath connects you to your inner states. Oxygenating your cells energizes you, elevating your vibrations.9. Surround yourself with positive people

Collectively, vibrational energies are multiplied – choose to spend time with people who attract high energy and empower you. Limit your time with the people who bring you down.

10. Practice compassion and forgiveness

Holding onto negative emotions lowers your vibrational energy. By practicing forgiveness and compassion for others, you automatically bring positivity into your life and raise your frequency.

11. Set positive intentions

Intentions come from thoughts which have different levels of vibration. The more you are mindful and choose to intentionally live from kindness and love, the more you attract this high energy into your life.

12. Spend time in nature

Being outside, surrounded by nature in all its forms is a fantastic way to raise your vibrational energy. Connect to the essence of Pachamama, and feel it through all your senses.13. Be wise with your words

The words you speak and think have vibrational frequencies which affect your own. Make sure you are thoughtful with your words and speak from your heart with no judgment.

As you become more conscious of the effect of these practices in your daily life, you will notice you attract what you need. When you live in flow at a high vibration, you can trust that whatever experience you are presented with, is the experience you are meant to be having.


As yogis, we share a passion for observing the contents of our consciousness. From this examination comes the pivotal question: Who is the I? It is by asking similar questions that we hope to reach deeper into our subconscious and superconscious minds. Through different states of consciousness such as sleep, daydream, and full alertness, we can experience more of ourselves and understand the complexity of our actual existence. Whether we are aware of it or not, our minds naturally travel through various states during which brain waves move at different frequencies. These frequencies define our existential experience.

Once we grasp this, we can go a step beyond and intentionally alter our states of consciousness. Although in Western society, this often entails the use of mind altering substances, ancient wisdom and cultures have shown that a broad range of tools can be used to learn about our minds. Entering a trance state is one way to use our senses to slow down our brain waves and tap into different states of consciousness. This can be done through various methods such as with rhythm, breath work, meditation, visualization and hypnosis. When contextualized, the new perspectives gained from such methods can be used to witness more in our conscious states.At Momentom Collective, a community of circus artists, travellers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs, we understand these implications and value the effects of specific brain waves in shaping our reality. For this reason, we incorporate awareness of states into everything we do for maximum personal transformation.

What happens at different frequencies of brain waves?

  • Delta wave – 0.5 – 4 Hz – Appear in stage 3 sleep. A state of deep sleep. Slowest waves with highest amplitude. Used to relay motor skills and regulate consciousness.
  • Theta wave – 4 – 8 Hz – 1st stage of sleep. Start of daydreaming. Optimal range of visualization, perfect to program mind and process new information. This is where you consciously start to create your reality and your ability for super learning and healing.
  • Alpha waves – 8 – 14 Hz – Relaxed but alert. Governs daydreams, detached consciousness and autopilot. Base resting state.
  • Beta waves – 14 – 30 Hz – Highly alert and focused. Normal state associated with activity, anxiety and active concentration.

Here are some benefits of entering trance states:

1. Access theta frequency brain waves intentionally Theta waves are slower than our usual waking brain frequencies. This promotes deep relaxation, meditation, visualization and a view into higher consciousness. Our brains naturally cycle through theta waves before we wake up and go to sleep, but we do not usually use these changes to our benefit. By choosing when these waves are accessed, we can channel the different mind states produced to learn more about our subconscious.

2. Relieve stress Slower brain waves relax our nerves and calm our minds, which in turn reduces stress. Lower stress is an important factor for good health and immunity. Tranquility of the mind and body makes it easier to practice meditation and deeper introspection.

3. Healing A decrease in stress and a boost in immunity automatically support restorative wellness both physically and mentally. Once we learn to work with the particular energy of theta waves, the capacity to improve these aspects of health can be harnessed to heal ourselves and others.

4. Bypass the ego defences The ego is designed to protect us from fears that our mind perceives as factual beliefs. Trance states allow us to dive within, beyond the mask of the ego. This is where limiting beliefs can be challenged and reconsidered to better serve us.

5. Hyper learning Trance states leave the unconscious mind more accessible and open to new ideas. Learning is facilitated when we have access to more methods and tools. For example, improved problem solving and the ability to enter flow states more readily are both factors that can become available in a trance. Flow states allow for jumps in learning as the mind is no longer preoccupied by ordinary thoughts.

6. Better focus One way in which trance facilitates access to flow states is by allowing our mind to focus in on single aspects. By doing so, we develop more concentration, which if used to our advantage, ultimately leads to productivity.

7. New perspectives Using trance states in a context of learning changes our mind’s perception of how it filters information. By using our minds more efficiently, we can make progress in ways which are new to us. As a consequence, this can result in meaningful personal transformation.

8. Connect to all your dimensions By exploring lesser known regions of our consciousness, our natural senses such as intuition become enhanced. When we use trance states with purpose, awareness of our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional states becomes much clearer. As we develop mindfulness into our many layers, we can evolve in a multitude of directions.

9. Heightened creativity Trance states help us quiet our conscious mind which has been conditioned for analytical thinking. By letting go of the need to examine all of our conscious thoughts, we can become more attuned to our inner inspirations.  As a result, the primitive unconscious mind becomes more present, powering our creativity.

10. Increase manifestation power Our beliefs, both limiting and expansive, are at the source of our power of manifestation. Trance states support renewal so that we can transform the beliefs that are holding us back from our true potential. In return, we can channel this energy towards manifesting the life we desire.

Momentom Collective will be attending the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira, Morocco from June 17 – 24th, 2019. Beyond the trance states that will be encountered at the festival, Momentom will integrate the experience through a yoga and sound retreat. Yoga, meditation, energy work, sound healing and more are all on the schedule. The combination of the festival and the accompanying workshops is ideal for personal development. For more information check out


Momentom residencies, retreats and events are vegetarian as we practice what we preach. These are some of the reasons why we practice vegetarianism…

It’s our way to shift shit.
Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of rainforest destruction, oceanic dead-zones, species extinction, top soil erosion, land desertification and a whole lot of other environmental chaos. We don’t like this story, so we don’t continue to feed it into existence.

We like it hot, but not sizzling.
The United Nations said in its 2006 report that livestock animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emission than the entire transportation combined, that’s all the cars and trucks in the world combined! For us, the single most important step we can take to reduce global warming is to adopt a vegetarian diet.

Our brothers and sisters are hungry.
Every 3.6 seconds a person dies from starvation. On average, 40% of global grain production is used to feed livestock, and in richer countries, 70%! We have enough food for 56 billion animals, while 800 million humans are starving… do the math.

Because we understand the illusion between the self and the other.
A vegetarian lifestyle awakens our spirit of compassion and guides us towards a kinder, gentler society in which we exercise a moral choice to protect animals—not exploit them. All animals are intelligent and sentient beings with the capacity to feel pain. If we wouldn’t want pain inflicted on us, then we don’t inflict pain on them.

Myth: humane slaughter.
There is no humane way of killing. Killing is killing and involuntary slaughter is both unnecessary and unfair.

Because we want to live longer and healthier.
A major study published in the British Medical Journal found that vegetarians outlive meat eaters by six years to 10 years! Meat diets have been proven to cause various cancers and illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, obesity. The list is long. Plant foods on the other hand contain antioxidants and a variety of phytochemical that protect against disease.

We debunk the protein myth.
We train hard and we are vegetarian. Yes, it is possible. All proteins essentially come from plants. There are 11 amino acids in a protein all of which are indeed found in meat, but guess what, they can also be found in plants. Lentils, beans, vegetable, whole grains, nuts chia seeds, tofu and whole grains and other basic staple foods contain oodles of protein without the harmful effect and risk that animal products pose to the body. The average person who eats animal products eats about double the protein that their body needs, and there is medical evidence to show that eating too much protein can lead to serious health problems.

We love the ocean and the wilderness.
Oceans are being overfished, coral reefs are being destroyed and sensitive sea floors are getting raked with drag nets. Many species are threatened, including dolphins, seabirds and turtles that get snagged in the nets. Fish feel pain, they just lack vocal chords to express it. Same for land-mammals.

All living animals feel the same.
Animals on today’s factory farms have no legal protection from cruelty that would be illegal if it were inflicted on dogs or cats or pandas. Yet farmed animals are no less intelligent or capable of feeling pain than are the dogs and cats we cherish as companions or the pandas we want to cuddle.

We Harness energy.
When your body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest complex or unhealthy foods, you will have excess energy for other processes. Furthermore, plants carry oxygen through your blood so that everything can work more efficiently.

Plants do not feel pain.
Plants have no central nervous systems, nerve endings, or brains, meaning they cannot feel pain. But if you want to be responsible for the smallest number of plant deaths as possible, a vegan diet is still preferable to a meat-based one, since the vast majority of grains and legumes raised today are used as feed for cattle.

​by Gabrielle Bonneville


Anyone who was at the Indonesia Residency during its last two weeks had the pleasure to connect and train with Daniel Rama and his partner Shakti Bird. The depth of knowledge they shared was mind blowing, and definitely requires time and work to absorb and integrate into one’s own life. We were super lucky that Daniel shared his top ten tips for staying aligned with his practice while on the road. Here is some of his wisdom…

“Meditation is not something that you do, its somethings that happens.” ​

1. Your mornings are sacred. Wake up early
The time of God, Brahmamuhurta, is the time before dawn, around 4 AM – 6 AM. All spiritual practices have forever shared one habit: an early wakeup. Start the night before by setting the intention to go to sleep early, limiting alcohol and technology use, and other things that keep you awake. Give yourself time to digest before bed so your body regenerates while you sleep. Be persistent for 21 days and the early wake up will start to become natural.

2. Physicality: Practice of Asanas
Asanas are physical movements so your body can increase its potential to do all the cool stuff you want to learn. Even just being able to sit comfortably for an hour in meditation is a reason to practice asanas. Keep your morning routine simple but consistent – Surya Namaskar A is a great Sun Salutation flow to energize your body and connect it to breath. Remember: Your body is not an obstacle.

3. Pranayama: Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma
Daily breath work is a huge game changer. Control of Prana, your life force energy, begins with control of breath. Start with Kapalabhati breathing to overload on oxygen, boost your brain power, and revitalize your system. Once this practice is consistent, aim for 20 rounds of Anuloma Viloma a day. This alternating nostril breath balances the activity of the right and left energy polarities.

4. Dharana: Concentration
The ability to concentrate is a precursor to meditation. Jappa Mala Meditation uses a mala with 108 beads to train single focus of the mind, by repeating a mantra for each bead. (Why 108? There are 108 chakras in your astral bodies.) A basic universal mantra to start you off is OM, or a step further, Om Namo Narayanaya: acknowledging the Divine in every individual.

5. Dietic Discipline
Everything that comes through your five senses feeds you: sound, light, touch, smell and taste. Be aware and mindful about what you let in. The food you eat with your mouth is composed of 3 gunas, each with different qualities which affect physicality and mentality: SATTVA: lightness, intelligence, purity, mental clarity; RAJAS: restlessness, movement, spiciness, heat; AND TAMAS: decay, darkness, depression, lethargy. Avoiding RAJASIC food (especially stimulants like garlic, onion, chili) increases focus in meditation (too much causes agitation). Diets high in TAMASIC food create instability, aggravation and lethargy. The gunas naturally lead to a meat free diet if you stop and think of how long it takes meat to go through your system…

Every body is different so it is important to observe how foods affect your physical and mental well being.

6. Satsang
Keep good company in your surroundings. At Momentom we value the power of community and shared breakthroughs. Sure you can progress alone but joint success goes a step further.

7. Mauna
Practice daily silence with no communication for a set period of time, ideally in the morning. Observe the contrast between silence and noise, and the quality of what you say and hear will begin to change. Your mind and thoughts will also begin to quiet and you will return to the stillness that is at your essence.

8. Self-Reliance
You are self-sufficient and have all the tools you need within. Focus first on your own strength and then you can collaborate with others without dependence or need. Your relationships will thank you!

9. Karma Yoga
Yoga of selfless action in service of something higher than you. The tasks that are no fun still need to be done, for yourself and for your community. Karmic acts help to purify you and are at the foundation of a strong meditation practice.

10. Self-Analysis
To objectively see your own progress you have to take a step back. A great habit to track your daily practices and be accountable to yourself is to keep a spiritual diary. What was a positive part of your day? What is something you can improve?

Ready, set, go! Before you overwhelm yourself trying everything at once, begin with one or two practices for three weeks, then slowly add others. The key factor in everything you do is consistence. Sure you can spend a week being the best possible version of yourself, but if at the end of the week you go back to old habits, there really is no value. New habits can be hard to form, but the greater the initial challenge, the greater the benefits.


We all know it. There is something a tiny bit off about the current status-quo of our world today: War. Conflict. Famine. Global climate change. Donald Trump. Big pharma… We see it, but what can we do about it? How can we ourselves …our tiny beings, create substantial ripples to see change in the world?

Circus is probably one of the underestimated cultures to explore these answers.  But in reality, these are the people that are most in flow – practicing their passion as a career. These are the ones that speak their weird in the most authentic ways. These are the guys that redefine what most consider to be possible, and do it with effortlessness. These are the people that take the time to question the “what is” and shape shift and step into the reality of what they’d prefer it to be.

But how does the average person do this?

…..Through perspective and consciousness.

Circus is about redefining what’s normal. It’s about seeing the box and actively choosing to reshape it into whatever shape best appeals to you in that present moment. It’s about understanding the fundamental truth that the box itself is an illusion and was created only by the realities we create for ourselves and by the standards we choose, consciously or unconsciously, to uphold. The good news is – yes, you can breathe – that we choose, shape and create the realities in which we live.

Here are three ways in which circus consciousness allows us to up-level our realities and create real change in the world.


So, what happens when one is constantly questioning the norm?

For one, the dark sides of the norm come up to the surface.

When the dark sides of the norm come up, we can begin looking at life through a perspective on how things can be optimized for greater impact, where to infuse more consciousness, for the individual and for the collective well-being.

The thing is, circus culture has for long understood that what we choose to observe will inevitably become our reality. So, instead of staying put on autopilot, it’s better to be conscious about what we are observing and how we are observing it. It becomes a choice to become active creators of how and what we choose to observe.

If something about your experience is triggering you, then look closely at the norms and beliefs that are upholding this reality into reality. Once observed, you can surface the essence of what is triggering you. Then, it becomes an opportunity for you to speak it into field and create ideas to eventually spark inspired action to shift it.

The trick is that even in the darkness, circus artists are constantly training their perspectives to seek and observe the joy, the lesson. They take the time to refocus their inner lens so that you can see any experience, shitty or not, from the best perspective. It’s as if they have committed to an inner promise to learn the lessons but never let go of the enjoyment of  the ride – even when darkness surfaces.

This cultural perspective of the circus infuses a little joy into the mundane. Yes, this makes for a juicy show for spectators, but, this capacity to perspective shift ignites something so fundamentally powerful that it can ripple true change into humanity. Our biggest power boils down to our choices, and our choice exist primarily in perspective.

Life is a gift. Don’t take it too seriously. Remember to play, because you are always wild and free.


Each of us is wildly unique, with a nest of vibrant colours that populate our minds and experiences into who we are today.

Our collective diversity, even within the essential understanding of our shared collective vibration, is what makes us so powerful as conscious beings. Imagine that we live in an ocean of infinite vibration that encapsulate each and every one of our different perspectives. The collision of these vibrations is what sparks new ideas, new forms of thinking and fresh inspiration for new paradigms.

To spark these though, we must express our diversity while simultaneously exercising radical acceptance of others. Get it? It’s about feeling safe to express our inner genius, about being willing to risk being vulnerability by speaking your truth, in whatever form and shape that looks like on that given day. But it’s also about letting people express their own truth without trying to change them.

Circus is about mastering the confidence to express the version of your self that comes out most authentically in all moments.

When we are all safe to express our wild weird, then we transform the collective ordinary into the extra-ordinary. A space where more sparks can be ignited and new realities can be created.

Be raw. Respect and notice the beauty in authenticity is an art-form and skillset that sets the game-changers apart. Those that see the beauty in authenticity are flexing a muscle of judgement-release that allows them to see through a lens that focuses not on what sets us apart, but what makes us the same. Which leads us into the next point.


At the very baseline, circus is about community.

At Momentom, we joke that we are using the guise of circus to actually house the world’s most prominent energy healers, light workers, psychic readers and people who thrive on activating ancient codes of consciousness to create new realities in their minds.

Housing people who value consciousness and self-expression as a culture means that we have a huge array of people with different colours, experiences, textures, shapes and forms but who share one truth: that the “I” is a fabrication and that time can be used in non-dualistic ways to create better, more optimal present moment experiences.

There is no “I”. There is only this moment, and this moment can be spent digging for a deeper degree in which we allow ourselves to express our soul’s state in that moment, without fear of reprehension, judgement or not fitting in.

There is no “I”. There is only this moment, and this moment can be spent digging for more purpose, more joy, more intentionality, more peace, more love. When we release the other, we can see ourselves in all beings, bringing in love and compassion to everything outside of ourselves.

When you finally surround yourself with people who laugh, people who dive into deep conversation, who think it matters to express yourself authentically, who give you the space to be you, and who accept you for who you are – you are safe to return home within yourself. This is the magic, and a magic that can be harnessed into exponential and infinite potential.

This is the true power of conscious community.