Aries New Moon

Art by @crystalcatgoddess

April has really started us off with a bang and the energy of this month is only gonna grow!

On April 11, 2021 the moon will be unseen in Aries

  •  Sporadic Outbursts
  • Untamed Energy
  • Clear Uncertainty
  • Unknown Responsibility

This New Moon expresses feelings of harshness and discipline within our emotional body and a desire to burn any repression existing both internally and externally. 

This can be seen in our daily interactions.

For example:

Say, a conversation becomes a bit triggering and old programmings surface to express themselves as a final “Hoorah!”. 

In these moments we are encouraged to notice our programmings and ask the question “WHY?”.

  • Why is this surfacing?
  • What is the root of the trigger?

Notice these questions do not tackle any sort of conscious release or action-oriented ‘fixing’. 

The energy of April is one of observation and acknowledgment.

With the New Moon anchoring into Aries we may be tried in how the fire of passion and creation toes the line with our emotional bodies.

Take it easy.

Be aware that much of what is surfacing is to be observed but does not define you or those you relate with.

As with everything, this is a moment in the quantum realm where time is relative and each experience says everything we need to know.

April…a month of challenges, emotional rain, unexpected creativity, and soul-guided adventures.

Following these energies, this New Moon in Aries brings to our conscious forefront the creations that are wishing to materialize.

Ask yourself:

  • What projects have you dreamt of and have yet to see-through?
  • How can you root deeper into your grounding practice?
  • What are you wishing for?

Enjoy this sporadic energy! There is an abundance of excitement when life reveals its uncertainty. 

Breathe and Enjoy.

Landon Guinn

Momentom Collective

Ometepe, Nicaragua

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