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For me, Momentom Collective opened my mind and my heart in many ways.

I had a chance to explore creating art in a community setting… Which is different for me because most of my art is created in solitude. I had a chance to explore many different types of breathing and yoga practices, which was really interesting because I could then make choices about which path I plan to take more deeply in my future. 

It was nice to have the freedom to follow the schedule planned and then also only participate in that which I felt drawn to with no judgement.

The most valuable for me was the time spent in communication with the community because there was an understanding of attempting authentic and real communication underlined by love. This is not always possible in regular society and in many of our other relationships, so this really was a treasure to me. I feel like I was able to work on my own self love as well as love of others in a safe environment that also just happened  to be healthy and extremely beautiful. The schedule had “early morning silent time” written in every day so that I had an opportunity for alone time as well. I found that very beneficial so that I wouldn’t just fill my time with talk, but had time to really do deep thinking and reflection on our activities from the day before.

I also learned new aerial and dance skills, improv, drawing, meditation and deepened my understanding of the human body and the human psyche. I also just had a lot of fun!!!!

 I feel a new balance of joy and love in every step and I’m looking forward to new pathways I’m creating in my career and art as well as my relationships. Thank you so much to the amazing people who created momentum!! I am profoundly grateful and will never forget your work.

– Janice Martin

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