Our goal is to make transformational residency experiences accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of color, gender, class or creed.

 For increased financial accessibility, we have 3 scholarship options available for each residency.

Having scholarships available is just one of the many ways we continue to open our residency for creators from all walks of life. 

Our desire is for these scholarships to allow artists with financial restrictions and great ideas to have the opportunity to take part in a residency that will propel their careers as artists or thought leaders forward.

Use the application forms below and select the scholarship grant that applies to you.  

Our scholarship application process closes one month before the corresponding residency begins. 
So if you have been accepted then you will be notified before that date. 




This is an opportunity to get 50 percent off of your chosen residency fee.
(You can apply to only 1 per residency)

As a nomadic company we have been blessed to be able to operate residencies around the world, so we are offering a 50 percent discount to a local artist who was born in and is currently residing in a country in Central America, where we currently live and operate.

If you are an artist of any discipline who is looking to hone their craft, and wants to network and meet new like minded individuals – we would love to hear from you!  All you need to do is fill out the application below and if you are accepted we will contact you no later than a month before the beginning of the residency.  We are excited to get to know your creation. 


This is for you if : 

* You are native to a country in Central America and are currently residing in Central America.

* You are a dedicated artist and would like to get your creations seen by people in the art  world.

* If you have a unique vision and story to tell that is indigenous in perspective, to your land, to your culture.  We would be honored to support the visibility of your expression. 



This is an opportunity to get 50 percent off of your chosen residency fee.
(You can apply to only 1 per residency)

This scholarship incentive is to take a bit of the financial pressure off to support your gifts and talents. At MC we value the creative human spirit as an essential service, and if you are coming for the first time or are returning, we want to do what we can to support this connection.  To get better at our own art, the artists we surround ourselves with propel us to deeper levels of inspiration and also to continue to evolve and see the world through a slightly different lens. 


This is for you if : 

* You have a dedicated artistic passion or skill set that you have developed through the years.

* You have a specific way this skill or future project would benefit from attending a Momentom Residency.

* You are wanting to network with Industry professional and meet potential new collaborators and connections in community.

* You have heard of Momentom Collective but haven’t had a chance to participate yet and this feels like a full body YES.



The $500 Off Introduction Scholarship

(Available for 2 applicants each residency)

Sometimes a little bit goes a long way…so if you’re already committed to coming, but a little load off would help then select this option in the application below. 

This is for you if : 

* You just want a little extra help

* You are excited about investing in your creative talents 

* You are needing a top up for some artistic inspiration

* You want to see what this Residency talk is all about 🙂