3 Steps to Read Tarot like a Pro!


black tarot cards

“Can you tell me my future?”

Ohhhh this question…

2018 was when tarot began calling to me and since then I have found considerable comfort in the knowledge the cards present and also empowerment in my own intuitive capabilities.

Tarot just as with any metaphysical object is a tool to help hone the intuitive strength within each of us. That being said, there are multiple avenues to strengthen your intuition but tarot has been what I have found to be a fast track to inner understanding.

There are a few things we need to understand of tarot before really becoming a pro at the cards thus becoming a pro with our intuition.


#1 The cards are here as advisors, NOT FACTS.

Take the information as you would information from any friend. Some friends are more reliable because of the deeper connection you have maintained over a long period of time. This is the same as with tarot. The greater your connection (could also be your intention) the easier it is for you to receive the ocean of information that tarot provides.

#2 Ditch the booklet, PERIOD.

Yes, that tiny book that comes with your deck to give you tarot training wheels, ditch it. Honestly, though, it is so easy for that book to become a crutch and for the entire intuitive portion of tarot to be dismissed. YOU are reading THOSE cards for a reason. It is not your mom, cousin, bestie, or cat reading the cards. You are reading because YOUR INTUITION is the Key to the desired information from your conscious mind or even the person you are reading for. It is handy for a quick checkup or a bit of direction but your skills will really flourish as you stand more in what your intuition is saying than a booklet or google search. You got this!

tarot tray

#3 I call this one WORD VOMIT!

In a craft where language is used, intellectualizing the intuitive nature of the cards does happen. When doing a reading WITHOUT THE BOOK, simply let the words flow from you. The card is saying everything there is to know through symbols, colors, numbers, suits, and energy. You have a different meaning for symbols than I do which makes you a different reader than me! Say for instance the 3 of Cups shows Upright in a reading and this deck has it as 3 doves flying through the sky. You will hear that image of doves speak differently than I do. This is when Word Vomiting really comes in handy! Just GO OFF about what you see, hear, and feel resonating from the card. These can be physical things you see and they can be metaphorical pathways that just show up! Whatever happens, is completely perfect for that moment and that reading!!

Remember these 3 tarot tips and you are already a pro tarot reader!

If you find yourself stuck with a card try this:
~ Ask “What is the background saying?”
~ Pull a clarifying card
~ Flip over the deck for extra advice on what is being overlooked

Now, get out that deck, shuffle, pull, and word vomit away!

Ready. Set. Tarot!

Landon Guinn
Momentom Collective
Ometepe, Nicaragua

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