21/12/2021 Portal


Art by @pitta_1983

The Winter Solstice…

This axis point traditionally is said to bring awareness from going into the depths of darkness into “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel”. 

There is an end to the mayhem!


Today we are here to talk about THIS 21/12/21 Winter Solstice Portal!!!


While the 21/12 portal comes annually this one holds special significance because of the year being 2021!! 

This is a 6 year in numerology. 

The way I have seen 6 has always been that of the healer number – implementing balance between the four directions (north, south, east, west) and calling in Father Sky and Mother Earth.


This is the activation point to kick off manifestations for the upcoming calendar year!

We have just come out of eclipse season and even more so the eclipse shadow period! [WHOOP WHOOP]


This 21/12/21 portal is also linking up with 

Venus Retrograde (Rx) in Capricorn (♑︎) [Dec 19 – Jan 29].


Venus Rx ♑︎ holds specific significance because it calls into reflection our values, relational approaches, and pleasures which are then amplified into question by the ♑︎ energy. We may experience a deeper desire to clarify our passions while being more assertive in cutting away that which is not assisting our manifestations.


And while this is just a portion of the cosmic energy for this special day there is a call to bring awareness to Uranus being Rx and Chiron being in the Rx shadow period at this time.
Uranus is the planet of innovation and holding within it symbol – – an inverted Venus – ♀.


Now this is some fun alignment to break down!


During the time Uranus is Rx Venus also goes Rx. 

This can be interpreted in a way that says our passions we have been building and working towards seem to take a back seat as we flip our love over and see things from a new perspective. This brings clarity to what to keep and what to let go.


All this while Chiron – the wounded healer – in Rx shadow is bringing an awareness to our insecurities surrounding connection, emotion, and vulnerability. Especially situated in Aries ♈︎ we can see how our inner sense of Being is held in a cocoon for this portal!


It seems as though we are entering this portal of continuous transmutation coming in over the next 4 years!


Buckle in! (or let loose)

This ride is just beginning!!

Many activations within the collective are transpiring as more and more souls are reminded of their sovereignty and desire for peace.

The channeled intention for this 21/12/21 portal is to B E L I E V E.

BELIEVE in the infinite potentialities!
BELIEVE in the creation of this new paradigm!
BELIEVE in living your own life in purpose and passion!
BELIEVE in Play, Curiosity, Generosity, and Safety!


Some suggested actions for this portal are:

  • Exist in visualizing the life you desire to live.
    • Meditate
    • Walk with intention of what this paradigm would feel like
  • Reflect on:
    • What are your passions?
    • How am I creating this world?
    • What role am I playing in my own happiness and disappointment?
  • Connect with others that hold a VERY similar vision as you!
    • We all have our visions for this new paradigm and they each have their place.
    • With all the specified moving parts of this portal it is being suggested we connect with individuals during this period who desire to create something similar to ourselves.


I love you so much, Light!



With magic of the cosmos,
Landon Guinn
Intuitive Guide | Alkemist | Astro Wizard


P.S. My intention for this transmission is to spark your intrigue into the current transiting energies for you to then Act in your own curiosity to see what you discover is happening now!


Landon is one of the souls we connected with in 2021 during the Circus Island Residency on Ometepe in Nicaragua!

He is an Intuitive Guide for souls along their journey who desire clarity and empowerment as they process and integrate their soul remembrance.

Landon has training in Reiki (1, 2, 3, & Master), Cellular Release, Core Program Release Therapy, Subconscious Alkemy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Contemporary/Modern Movement.

In Landon’s life he utilizes Movement and Light Language as a way to anchor Source Consciousness deeper into the planet. He has been curating his personal movement practice over the last 6 years that combines traditional contemporary techniques with energetic awareness and is excited to soon be stepping up to offer this practice to in-person  individuals!

Asking the question, “How can one embody and live with  even deeper  body  awareness?”


If you’re really vibing with Landon’s insights you can
Listen to his podcast – Alkemy with a K – on Spotify and Anchor!

Connect with Landon here:
Instagram – @energenetic.alkemy
Tik Tok – @divine.love1222
Website – bit.ly/landonguinn
Email – [email protected]


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