2022: The year of sovereignty, coming home to ourselves, sacred union, and divine guidance. Written by Evolutionary Astrologer, Charlotte Vetter January 2, 2022


2022: The year of sovereignty, coming home to ourselves, sacred union, and divine guidance. 

Written by Evolutionary Astrologer, Charlotte Vetter
January 2, 2022

We welcome the new year with a new moon in Capricorn and an earthy Capricorn Stellium (let’s make our visions real vibes and be accountable for our actions). Keep reading to explore key transits & themes for the coming year.




Pluto, the planetary force of evolution, is wanting us to transform the way that we work with Capricorn (cardinal earth), in the form of structures, institutions, & external authorities (i.e. governments, parents,etc.). As we continue to witness the rise of powerful external authority figures that are attempting to exert dominance, we can observe that these forces are actually in service of our EVOLUTION TO BECOME OUR OWN INNER AUTHORITY. Ultimately, YOU ARE the boss of you. Despite the adversity it is important to maintain your own sense of dignity and sovereignty and overcome hierarchical scenarios. 

This Pluto polarity point in Cancer gives us a clue into how Plutonian energy can be transmuted into higher levels of expression. Cancer represents the inner child, the emotional body, our humanness, our need for emotional support, connection, family and community. So the work this year is to strengthen your inner world (Cancer). Your soul is asking you to find a way to BE with yourself. It is equally important to feel your feelings because your feelings are your compass, it is the essence of your soul teaching you how not to get lost in the outer world of what other people perceive is best for us. Go inward. 

If you want to go out into the world and be a leader, take care of your inner world first, then go out and use your leadership abilities to do something constructive and impactful. Live your Dharma.



The nodes are our evolutionary guide. They help us evolve. For the last year and a half the collective has been tossed between the lessons of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis teaching us how to not project our opinions onto others (South Node Sagittarius) and find the willingness to see other perspectives (North node Gemini). 

On Jan 15th we transition into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The north node of the moon shifts into Taurus and south node into Scorpio until July 2023. The south node in Scorpio = death, endings, letting go, intense emotions, conflicts with forces beyond our control. This is a potent force. The south node creates a PULL of the past and the karma that we have created from the past comes into the present to be REVEALED AND SEEN so that we can emerge “anew”. The North node of the moon shows us how we can evolve going forward. Taurus = self-sufficiency, self-worth, financial and physical health, and is calling us forward to find a way to make a living based on your own talents. Cultivating your own ability to survive in this physical world, knowing that you are the most valuable resource.



Uranus makes its journey in Taurus for 7 years until 2026, and is radically striking us to wake up in the field of Taurus — our resources, our economies, our money, and how we value ourselves. This is considered an “unstable” time period— so prepare for a major shift in these structures. 

This is in service of us taking quantum leaps as a collective in how we relate to Taurus Energy. The most effective way to deal with this energy is to release the past, your resistance to change and take care of your nervous system.



Saturn continues on its path through Aquarius —  This particular alignment continues to make us question how we work together and see each other as brothers and sisters. Aquarius is stepping outside of the norm, alienation, separation in order to gain a better broader understanding. So we continue to step away. What do you see? What do you choose? Saturn rules the system and structures we live in and by. So— be mindful of what systems you are choosing and thus, calling in for your future – ones that further separation & isolation or ones that serve uniting.



Chiron continues slowly moving through Aries as an opportunity to heal our masculine wound. Aries takes charge, pioneers, goes first, honors themselves. Chiron in Aries will continue to test your ability to take charge and honor yourself. In Aries, we learn how to be self-honoring. You might continue to receive messages that discourage you from taking a stand. You will be tested in your ability to honor yourself and your truth. Meditate on who is telling you what and why… evolutionary opportunity to be a warrior.



We enter the new year with a beautiful transition of Jupiter into Pisces (a place it has not been for 12 years), our SAVING GRACE in the intensity. This alignment brings grace through divine guidance. Be alert to guidance from animals, plants, flashes of light, angels, other invisible divine beings, and more. These beings are here, and want to help us.. Jupiter OPENS our crown chakra to receive “Wow” information at any moment. Abundant spiritual forces, enlightening, lifting!! Jupiter in pisces gives you a wider perspective of how everything that has happened leading up to the new year has been divine timing in your evolution. This energy also supports your ability to surrender and float with the cosmic flow of your life. This energy is available to us for the next year. Jupiter in Aquarius tested our faith in humanity and now Jupiter in Pisces gifts us the magic of expansion through trusting and bringing others along with you on the journey.


VENUS IN CAPRICORN 🥀🌹👽 November 6th 2021 – March 7th, 2022

The journey of Venus in Capricorn is an AMAZING opportunity to heal your relationship to yourself and clear your past relationship patterns. 

Venus RX from now until January 29th, 2022 brings to the surface what has been suppressed in regards to your ability to love & value yourself (Venus) via “societal impressions” (Capricorn). The evolutionary experience of Venus in Capricorn is teaching us how to build mature relationships rooted in values like integrity, trust, and commitment. It starts with you. How do you value yourself? Venus dancing with Pluto, makes this an intense time because old relationship patterns and karmic ties that your soul has been carrying become revealed and they want to fall away. Palms open. Let them go. Pluto + Venus also requires that we honor our feminine wisdom in this journey.

When Venus stations direct on January 29th 2022 you have time to integrate what you learned. This is preparing you for March 3, 2022, when Venus (Feminine), Mars (Masculine), and Pluto (Evolutionary force for the Soul) come together to give you a  transformational RE-BIRTH.  Imagine PHOENIX RISING FROM THE ASHES.

AQUARIUS STELLIUM 👽🐍👁 March 6th, 20223

A couple of days later on March 6th, 2022 Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury meet in Aquarius which will inspire you to take your “re-born self” out  into world. The Aquarian wind will swiftly carry you and your soul tribe friends out into the world to share your medicine, gifts, and healing with others. Friendship, soulmate-ship is coming online in service of collective awakening.

Aquarian Age, baby! 


Written by Charlotte Vetter

To learn more & “co-create with the cosmos,” follow Charlotte, @charlottevetter__ . She offers transformational 1:1 sessions called Soul Blueprints and is launching a 12 week “Co-Create with Your Cosmos”  in 2022. To find out more visit: charlottevetter.com


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