2020’s Final Full Moon in Cancer : Adios 2020!  Insights by Therese Lowton


2020’s Final Full Moon in Cancer : Adios 2020! 

Insights by Therese Lowton

Welcome to the 13th and final Full Moon of 2020: the Cancer Full Moon, also called the Cold Moon. The year 2020 has been wildly rich in astronomical events which have coincided with huge events experienced across the globe. The nurturing energy of this final moon is exactly what we need after a year marked by tumult and uncertainty. 

A full moon occurs when the moon and the sun are opposing each other in the sky, and in this moment, the full moon in Cancer will sit with the Capricorn sun. It will occur at 10:28 PM ET. This moon rules the intuitive sign of Cancer, the final of four luminaries in this sign. It is feeling quite comfortable in its domicile so we can receive its energies in a deep and harmonious way. 

The moon and sun will form positive connections with freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus, which has been retrograde since August 15th. There will also be a challenging aspect between the full moon and the asteroid Chiron, otherwise known as The Wounded Healer, in Aries. Chiron is an asteroid that orbits our solar system somewhere between Uranus and Saturn, and it is considered that understanding where its placement is in your chart gives you a window to where your deeper wounds are, and to the karmic lessons from past lives that is your gateway to where you can grow and evolve in this lifetime. 

This planetary shift means that we will be able to reassess things after all that 2020 has brought in, and go after what we really value with clarity. Cancer is one of the leading energies of the zodiac. This full moon, in particular, provides for the opportunity to heal the challenges and old wounds that have resurfaced during this mammoth year. It is giving us the passion and drive to move forward into 2021 with a higher perspective, and is bringing forward the change needed to be more in alignment with our spirit. 

This is our chance to call in a new beginning following a year of life-altering experiences.

It is possible that whatever you are processing this full moon has its roots in realizations that first popped up around June 21. Back on the summer solstice, when the solar eclipse fell in Cancer, chances are you were swimming through a lot of emotions, some that were tough to even put your finger on. But over the past six months, you’ve had a chance to explore and gain clarity on the themes that came up for you. Given the homebody nature of Cancer, it is quite possible that these emotions have been related to fostering a sense of security, navigating relationships with loved ones, or rethinking how, where, and with whom you want to feather your nest. Now, six months later, the culmination point of that cycle, could bring on some rather game-changing realizations and decisions.

What can you do to find clarity in your intentions as we move into not only a new lunar cycle, but also a new year?

Full moons are, as a rule, emotionally intense, and as this incredibly stressful year ends, it’ll be perfectly normal to find yourself deluged by feelings. Cancer itself is a deeply emotional sign and can make you feel all of the feels. As if the lessons of the year weren’t enough, right now everything will become fully illuminated. Take this as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and use your emotions as a tool to get to where you want to be. This moment isn’t about getting swept away. Instead, by forming a friendly angle to game-changer Uranus, currently moving through grounded Taurus, the Cancer full moon urges you to use the heaviest emotions in your heart as fuel. Once you’ve faced the past, healed old wounds, and have your bearings, you’ll be better prepared to steadily pave a new path in 2021 — this time with a softer, more open heart.

The work we do now will be well worth the effort. Take time tonight with this powerful Full Moon, the last of a game changing year, to look at the recurring themes that came up for you this year. We have been working with Cancer energy throughout 2020, and so many similar themes may have been resurfacing throughout the year. Pay particular attention to those around your home space and close relationships. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. It will be obvious what needs to go and what you need to bring forward in 2021. 

The moon will be its fullest at 10:28 PM ET. This is the perfect chance to sit outside under its rich glow, or by a window if outdoors is not possible, and perform a ritual for letting go. What will you need? A seat to meditate, paper, a pen, a candle, lighter and tweezers (so your fingers don’t get burnt!).

Firstly, set your space. I love to use crystals and set a grid, especially as they become supercharged under the full moon. Light some candles and clear the energy with some sage, palo santo, or equivalent. Call in the four directions, four elements, and any guides or angels you would like present.

Take some time to drop in and meditate with the moon. Ask her for guidance on what needs to be released. Take a piece of paper and write down anything you would like to let go of. Some great questions to ask are:

  1. What must I let go for my Desire to come forth?
  2. What is something I currently give energy to that doesn’t serve my Essence or higher self?
  3. What am I overthinking and how does this create friction for me?

Free journal on these themes until you become empty. There is no set time for how long this will take. Don’t rush the process.

Once you are done, take the paper with your tweezers and placing it in the flame of the candle. As the paper burns, visualise the essence of your words, the emotions, the beliefs, etc being cleared with the smoke.

Say hello to a new, lighter you – ready for a new year full of limitless potential!

Thank you for reading Momentom’s insights for this lunar cycle. It’s been a big year and through the flames we are excited for the change which is coming across the globe. Momentom is about to launch two sold out residencies in January in Central America. We are still taking residents for February in Nicaragua, and have opened applications for Indonesia in September & October. Please get in touch if you are ready to take the plunge into a new way of being. We would love to meet you.

Hope to see you soon.

Con amor,
Therese Lowton

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