19/12/2021 Full Moon in Gemini by Landon Guinn


Artwork by @cosmiccollage

Now THIS is a Full Moon to remember!


A few things to note before we dive into the Moon.

  • Venus goes Retrograde 
  • Chiron goes Direct
  • Uranus will be Retrograde
  • The Moon Opposes the Sun


To explain a bit,

This full moon occurs on 19 December 2021 around 4:35 UTC.

Within the same 24 hours all of the above occurs!


Venus in Capricorn going Retrograde calls us to utilize this full moon to reflect and release what is not adding to our progression towards deeper embodied passion, pleasure, and grace. A time to open our consciousness to rethinking our approach to business, societal structures and what we have defined to be love.

What is love to me?

(How) Am I polarizing love?

What authority does money hold in my life?


Chiron stepping into the shadow of its retrograde opens us to integrate the lessons of our inner child. This pure and gentle being that exists within each of us is transiting Aries and is bubbling with Anger, Rage, Aggression, and Pain. 

How can I hold my inner being more closely?

What gentle shifts can I make to allow more fullness of myself in my day to day?

Where are my triggers relating to anger?


Uranus Retrograde began 19 August while sitting in Taurus. This will continue until 18 January. While Venus reflects to us topics of love and money Uranus brings to the surface individuality, innovation, intuition, and a sense of rebellion. We see the symbol of Venus inverted within the symbol for Uranus! With both these planets being retrograde during this full moon there is a call to specify our uniqueness as what grounds us. 


While Uranus and Venus are not relating to one another during this full moon they are relating deeply with other planets – Uranus is combating Saturn while Venus harmonizes Neptune and Mars!


These aspects bring in a battle against physical norms, showing that standing in our uniqueness is our superpower!

Now for the moon!

At the peak of its fullness the moon decided to  oppose the sun in Sagittarius!! How exciting!!

This reveals a direct challenge in integrating our Gemini/airy subconscious with the external relation of the Sagittarius/fire adventure and action. This may add a sense of chaos to the flames of our flow (especially while in Sagittarius season). 

Where am I moving towards?

What are my goals for my human?

What is the collective/my vision for this planet? 


This is a reminder that these alignments would happen with our awareness or without. 

By becoming aware of their current transits we reel in a sense of relation with them – opening avenues to consciously choose how to maneuver the energy.


This full moon is aligning during a period of human time where the collective shadow is surfacing.


It is normal to feel many emotions or a lack thereof. Our awareness is a gift to our human!

Rest, knowing that this journey we have come here for is unraveling perfectly!

With love to you,

Landon Guinn

Intuitive Guide | Alkemist | Astro Wizard


Landon is one of the souls we connected with in 2021 during the Circus Island Residency on Ometepe in Nicaragua!


He is an Intuitive Guide for souls along their journey who desire clarity and empowerment as they process and integrate their soul remembrance.

Landon has training in Reiki (1, 2, 3, & Master), Cellular Release, Core Program Release Therapy, Subconscious Alkemy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Contemporary/Modern Movement.


In Landon’s life he utilizes Movement and Light Language as a way to anchor Source Consciousness deeper into the planet. He has been curating his personal movement practice over the last 6 years that combines traditional contemporary techniques with energetic awareness and is excited to soon be stepping up to offer this practice to in-person  individuals!

Asking the question, “How can one embody and live with  even deeper  body  awareness?”


If you’re really vibing with Landon’s insights you can 

Listen to his podcast – Alkemy with a K – on Spotify and Anchor!


Connect with Landon here:

Instagram – @energenetic.alkemy 

Tik Tok – @divine.love1222

Website – bit.ly/landonguinn

Email – [email protected]


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