Everything is made up of energy. It vibrates at different frequencies, each with its own quality. Ideally, we want to elevate our vibrations so we are at flow with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. When we are more in tune with our intuition, we boost our manifestation power. The Laws of Attraction state that similar energies attract one another. You can incorporate certain practices into your daily routine to increase your vibrations… ​

1. Become conscious of your thoughtsThe more you start to become aware of the contents of your consciousness, the more you can realize which thoughts are benefiting you and which are obstacles. If you allow limiting beliefs to direct your thoughts, then you are blocking your own potential.

2. Be conscious of the food you eat

Simplify. Eat food as it comes naturally, in a rainbow of colours, in portions that make you feel good. Instead of seeing eating as a complicated series of rules, observe how food makes you feel and be conscious what you put in your body.

3. Drink water

Our bodies are mostly water. To maintain a healthy balance and function at our highest vibration, hydration and regular flushing of toxins is essentials.

4. Meditate

Meditation increases your awareness and your ability to observe higher states and your own intuition. With improved clarity, you can use visualization to attract what you want.

5. Be grateful

Acknowledge what you are grateful for each and every day. The more you take notice of the abundance in your life, the more it becomes present. Energy attracts energy.6. Practice acts of kindness

Give to others without reason. Sharing abundance elevates your vibration and attracts more .7. Movement

Vibration is movement: the more you move the greater your energy flows. Choose movement that makes you happy and free in your body.

8. Breath

Being mindful of your breath connects you to your inner states. Oxygenating your cells energizes you, elevating your vibrations.9. Surround yourself with positive people

Collectively, vibrational energies are multiplied – choose to spend time with people who attract high energy and empower you. Limit your time with the people who bring you down.

10. Practice compassion and forgiveness

Holding onto negative emotions lowers your vibrational energy. By practicing forgiveness and compassion for others, you automatically bring positivity into your life and raise your frequency.

11. Set positive intentions

Intentions come from thoughts which have different levels of vibration. The more you are mindful and choose to intentionally live from kindness and love, the more you attract this high energy into your life.

12. Spend time in nature

Being outside, surrounded by nature in all its forms is a fantastic way to raise your vibrational energy. Connect to the essence of Pachamama, and feel it through all your senses.13. Be wise with your words

The words you speak and think have vibrational frequencies which affect your own. Make sure you are thoughtful with your words and speak from your heart with no judgment.

As you become more conscious of the effect of these practices in your daily life, you will notice you attract what you need. When you live in flow at a high vibration, you can trust that whatever experience you are presented with, is the experience you are meant to be having.

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