12/12 Portal Opening- Incantation & Meditation


12/12 Portal Opening- Incantation & Meditation

Words by Gabrielle Bonneville

Today is 12/12 and a massive portal is opening with the eclipse coming to full totality on the 21st. Make intentions. Visualize the world in its peak state. This is our moment.

Today, December 12th 2021, the moon is in its fourth-quarter phase, leaning on the edge of the 2020 year’s final lunar cycle that begins with the new Moon eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 14.

When we experience significant dates in our calendar year that include Master numbers, Mirror numbers, or number sequences, an energetic portal is created in that 24-hour portal. Such as Feb. 22, 2020, is 2-22-2020 which contains all three (mirror, Master, and sequence numbers)

What is an energetic portal?

It is a cosmic door, gateway, or window that becomes available for us to access alignment with our Higher Self, Higher guidance or awareness, and Higher wisdom.

On the surface, the number 12 is a double-digit number, and we can acknowledge the energies of the two single-digit cardinal numbers that it is composed of, which are the one and two. In numerology, one represents being innovative and catapulting into new creations, while two is all about peace, cooperation, and partnerships.

When combined, these definitions serve as a reminder to combine the inspired, leadership-centred intention of the number one with the intuitive, collaboration-centred energy of the number two — which means working interdependently with others as we commence on new journeys and rely more on our psychic abilities to initiate our lives.

Dec. 12th delivers a double-dose of this energetic cosmic force. The number 12 in numerology represents the completion of cycles and ignites a torch leading us into new beginnings going forward. This is much-welcomed energy to align ourselves with as we close out a particularly challenging year and seek advancement towards a fresh start. The number 12 promises inspiration and motivation while clearing away any debris leftover from our past and making room for pioneering new adventures. For us, that looks like going into the jungle, or on an isolated island in Nicaragua, to design a life out of the matrix. What about you?

In Egyptian Numerology, the number 12 symbolizes self-mastery. It is a cycle number and a portal of transportation to the higher realms. It has great significance in our world. There are 12 hours on the Clock, 12 months in a year, 12 disciples of Jesus, 12 personality archetypes, 12 jurors in a courtroom, and 12 sacred initiations in Egyptian numerology.

In Egyptian numerology, the 12th initiation is service; this is a higher calling for those who can hear their inner voice and respond to serve humanity. Whatever our gifts are, this 1212 portal opens as an opportunity to receive encouragement to manifest our highest intention and share our insights with the world.

Individuals accessing this portal magnify the energy output of whatever is being focused on. Although the door closes after the date of the alignment, on a collective level, we all still continue to benefit from the energy that was activated during that 24 hours and in theory, it will feel like the portal is still open because we continue to tap into the vortex of energy that has been created.

How can you show up during the eclipse?

1. Write up some incantation and repeat daily.

One of our co-founders just returned from a Tony Robbins event. Tony Robbins describes the manifestation process as incantation. Incantations are empowering phrases or language patterns that you verbalize loudly and with absolute certainty. When “incanting”, you are engaging your entire nervous system with the full force of your focus, emotion, and body to induce a new physiology and instantly cultivate new beliefs. What is your incantation for the eclipse?

Incantations to be said with rhythm, (e.g. walking, running) during movement for 10 days once a day.

  • We are safe and in perfect alignment.
  • Every day in every way (I am) we are getting getting happier and healthier.
  • I’m fit, tight, lean and light.  Full of energy and full of might.
  • Effective, efficient, focused, outstanding, dynamic, driven, determined, commanding.
  • I’m so lucky, my life is so blessed.
  • My body’s a temple for my soul, I love my body and it serves me well.
  • I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling.
  • At last at last, the past is past, I’ve broken free and won. Now it’s time to celebrate, and really have some fun.
  • A bold new world is on the rise, and it’s there for me to have.
  • And I’m the one, the only one, the light that lights the path.

2. Meditate and keep your attention on the 12th chakra point for 20 minutes a day.

It’s time to meditate. It is the number used to connect with the Ascended Masters through the 12th chakra point. The 12th chakra is commonly known as the “Stellar Gateway” and it is located 12 inches above our head. Its color is pure gold and when our lower chakras are developed, this access point opens so that we can receive Divine energy. This chakra is a gateway to the stars and higher frequencies.

3. Write a list of what you will most definitely release during this period to make room from the new.

We can use the numerological and astrological energy of December 12th to make peace with our spiritual evolution, challenges, and experiences we survived throughout the year 2020. A great way to take advantage of the cosmic energy flowing our way is to allow our hearts to find closure, release what no longer serves us, and prepare ourselves to create and build a new landscape for our lives.
Sending love and light from the entire Momentom crew.

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