10 Reasons You Should Attend Momentom Residency



10 reasons to attend momentom residency

10 Reasons You Should Attend Momentom Residency


1. We’re the only co-working space that meets artist residency.

Momentom Collective nails the concept of bridging co-working for content creators and creative entrepreneurs, with studio spaces for artists of all kinds. While in momentom residency, you’ll have the framework to work and develop your projects. Taking a break, however, won’t be a quick snack while scrolling through your feed, you can hop an aerial rig or start a breakout dance party. This is what we do: embrace the flow from work mode to play as a lifestyle.


2. You’ll be immersed in highly creative spaces.

Our mission is to empower humans from all walks of life to connect with their creative energy, train their mind and body, be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to talk about big ideas. With all the art forms at your fingertips, explore your creativity. Build your portfolio. Find inspiration from your peers. Act on inspiration and try something new. Step into dream states and redefine what’s possible.


3. You’ll Connect With other World Class Artists.

Imagine meeting smiling faces early morning for meditation, or connecting deeply as you dance together under the stars. In residency, you will forge deep friendships with your peers and guest teachers. This community will help nurture and support your crazy visions. You may walk away with a new business partner or a new best friend, or more. Momentum is a global tribe, and we’ll witness you, all over the world.


4. You’ll Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Momentom Collective shares the wisdom & instills you with the habits you wish you had learned in school. With daily courses available for all residents, open training, rich collaborations, and epic workshops, you can immerse yourself in the best ideas and environment for personal growth. It’s our promise: you will grow beyond what you thought possible and do something you’ve never done before.


5. You’ll Enter The Global Momentom Collective Tribe.

When you attend a residency, you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining our global community of brilliant creatives who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to making a huge impact and create real change.


6. You’ll Live It Up In Nature.

We make it a point to have you walk into our residencies and ask “am I dreaming?”.
Personal development calls for inspiring locations & we keep our residents inspired by taking the training out of the studios and into fresh air, the computer work out of the air-conditioning and onto the oceanfront. Our facilities are in gorgeous picturesque locations; next to bodies of water, in the jungles or at the base of volcanoes. Momentum has selected locations that will blow your mind every time you reflect on your surroundings.


7. You’ll Engage in Transformative Fun.

With DJs, musicians, clowns, shamans, and dancers part of our tribe, we take our play seriously. We promote circus culture, and we embody radical expression, in all forms, in all ways, always. Dress up, dance, and sing. You can join in on Johnny’s legendary Tutu Tuesdays or pop into an ecstatic dance, and celebrate like every day is a festival.


8. You’ll learn new art forms and improve your current ones.

Join a community of some of the most talented artists on the globe for a month, combined with non-stop workshops and skill-sharing, and you’re bound to learn something new. Train as you learn and solidify your new skills. Your network of peers will guide you through the new, and you’ll find yourself supporting, sharing knowledge, and teaching too.


9. You’ll create the habits for the rest of your life.

After a month of meditating every day, of practicing nonviolent communication, of eating delicious vegan food, you might not notice it, but the healthy habits you’ve been practicing will be ingrained in you for you to take with you on your journey. As new tools in your toolbox, you can turn these personal practices when you need to drop in with yourself.


10. You will build a deeper connection with your art practice.

When else do you have the opportunity to practice silks, work on acro yoga with a partner, record music, do a business skill deep dive, or spin fire every day? In Momentom residencies, creatives are given the opportunity to find deeper meaning in why they do their art, to ask why they create, and how to explore how to take their expression to the next level.

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